Frequently Asked Questions


What does the program cost?

The cost is $14 per class. We charge per 12-week session. You can pay it up front or split it into 3 payments of $63.


Can I join a class in the middle of a session?

Yes! You can join at anytime! We will pro-rate the cost of the classes.


How should I dress my child for class?

Dress your child in comfortable clothing and running shoes.


What is the length of the class and how many times a week do they meet?

The classes are 50 minutes long, 1x per week.



We don't offer refunds, however, you can freeze your account and keep the class credits to redeem at a later date.


What if I miss a class?

We have a very flexible make-up policy. You can make up the classes you miss at any of our locations, as long as it is within the 12-week session you registered for. Before attending, please email or call to ensure class availability.


Are the classes indoors or outdoors?

We run classes indoors for 3 sessions of the year. (Spring, Fall, & Winter) We run one session (Summer) outdoors at various parks.


Can I bring a friend with my child to try the class for free?

Yes! You can bring a friend anytime to try a class out for free. Just have them call us to schedule!


Can my children come on the same day/time?

Yes, we run multiple classes at once on different sections of the field. This makes it very convenient for parents of multiple children.


Does my child need shin guards?

We recommend shin guards for ages 4 years old and up.


How do I know if my child should be in a parent participation class or not?

If your child is more timid or has a hard time focusing, they might need you on the field in a parent participation class, even if it is just for a few classes. We can move your child to the next level mid-session when they are ready.


Do I need to be present during my child’s class?

Yes, at least one parent is required to stay on the premises during your child’s class.


How can I see if my child will enjoy the class?

We offer a free trial class so that you can be sure your child will love it.


Can we pay as we go during any certain session?

No, we collect up front for the session you decide to join.


Can I sign up my child for multiple days per week?

Yes! Ask us about the discount for multiple classes per week.


How long is each session?

We run 4 sessions per year. All sessions will be 12 weeks long.


How do I know who coaches my child’s class?

While registering online, you can choose the class and see exactly who will be coaching it.


What if I forgot the day/time I signed up for?

Sign in to your personal, client profile and you can view your child’s schedule online.

Are you closed for holidays?

We are typically closed for the following holidays: 4th of July, Halloween Night, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If these holidays fall on your child’s Soccer Buddies schedule, we will make sure to notify you.